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Shaped by the market.  Built by the business.


STRATEGIC HEART® is a multi-dimensional prism which articulates a business' strategic direction, and the quest that the business is going on.


But the power of a STRATEGIC HEART® is not just what it is - but how it's found and what it can do. 


A STRATEGIC HEART® is found by using advanced market research to tap into the powerful and enduring emotional rewards and high-level needs that exist deep in the subconscious mind of the market. But while it's born in the market, a STRATEGIC HEART® is developed, nurtured and given life by the business. 


A STRATEGIC HEART® provides the lifeblood which gives both the business AND the brand ENERGY. 


Inside the organisation a STRATEGIC HEART® is the glue that unites and aligns the 'divisions' in a business - from the Executive Suite to the Customer - and every department and touchpoint in between. It brings humanity to strategy, systems and processes. It shapes the culture and values of the enterprise, and provides a lens to focus brand development and marketplace activation.


Because every business needs to be driven from the heart - and going forward, a STRATEGIC HEART® will be the last frontier of competitive advantage.

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