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We know how to ‘catch clouds’.

Insights hold the key to creating competitive advantage. They fuel a business' momentum into the future, and create the foundation for enduring success.


At Two Thirds Sky, we deliberately distinguish between Tactical Insights and Strategic Insights. Tactical Insights and feedback loops refine shorter-term activations, customer experiences and interactions.

To create a modern and dynamic business, Strategic Insights are gold. They move the business beyond a focus on CX - Customer Experience - into richer, deeper and more meaningful HX - Human Experience. 

Strategic Insights frame a business' long-term ambitions and direction. Strategic Insights explain how people perceive the world, what they value, and how business and brands do - or don't - fit into their lives. These enduring needs are the key to creating meaning and commitment and provide a deep understanding of customers and markets. They are surprisingly stable over time, and they become even more powerful anchors for people in changing times.    

But Strategic Insights are also elusive. It requires experience, advanced techniques and the right experimental design to unlock, interpret and translate these subconscious, ‘invisible’ human needs into strategic and tactical solutions for the business and brand. 


When you understand these patterns and connections, everything becomes clear. Now you can see both the big picture AND the path forward.

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