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Light a fire in the right place at the right time.

Then let the wind do the work. 


In a transparent, distracted, ‘always on’ world, marketing and selling require new rules of engagement.  

Engagement is what marketing used to be. Same - but different. 

Marketing used to be a one-way monologue controlled by the business. Engagement is an open dialogue shared with, and shaped by, the world. Marketing used to communicate the single-minded 'essence' of the brand at a point in time. Engagement is a conversation that happens over time. Marketing used to send a message and wait for a response in the form of sales or data. Engagement receives ongoing feedback, listens and learns, and then responds. 

Marketing focussed its gaze outside the organisation. Engagement is people-centric; its view is 360º - inside and outside the business - with messages that resonate, reinforce and rally commitment, belief and action.   

Two Thirds Sky helps business know their audience and understand their journey. We harness the power of Strategic Narratives to intersect and resonate with people's lives. We help business find and refine their Tone of Voice. We guide engagement and communication strategies across the spectrum of internal and external touchpoints and channels. 

Now it’s no longer just what you SAY - it’s the integration of  HOW you say it, WHEN you say it, and the CHANNEL you use. Because relevance and resonance fuel the fire of engagement.    

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