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The Brand is dead. Long live the Brand. 


At their best, brands provide Permission to Sell and Permission to Grow. Your brand can help your business sail into new categories and markets. But the brand can also be an anchor that impacts when and how quickly your business can move forward into new territory. 

That means every significant business activity - retaining current customers and attracting new customers, through to recruiting and retaining staff, and mergers & acquisitions - will be helped or hindered by the platform created by the front door to your business, your brand.

A brand’s gravitational pull lies in the way that it is PERCEIVED - a subtle but powerful interplay of emotional rewards, metaphors and symbolism. These powerful but ‘invisible’ dimensions live in the subconscious mind of the market. They drive the majority of behaviour in the marketplace, but they frequently elude business decisions and strategy. 

Brands also live beyond the reach of market research that focuses on questions, answers and data alone. One-dimensional metrics and data that track the breadcrumbs of behaviour are invariably a lagged indicator of what is REALLY happening with the brand.

At Two Thirds Sky, we've spent a lifetime understanding how brands CONNECT - with Customers, Companies and Culture, through the continuum of Context and Conversation. We help align all the subtle but powerful details that speak the true language of brands. We work with business to ensure that the brands they own really are their biggest asset. 

The most important business discipline right now is to KNOW whether a brand is a sail or an anchor, how to find the difference, and what to DO to translate those insights into effective and dynamic strategy and compelling customer interactions and experiences. 

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