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We get asked this question a lot! 


There are 3 dimensions to the meaning behind our name.


First, our company name borrows from the 'Rule of Thirds'. The Rule of Thirds lives in the visual arts and design world. It helps determine where you set your horizon, and how you highlight what’s important in your vision. It gives order to complexity, and beauty to structure.


Second, at Two Thirds Sky we believe that ‘good science’ should serve, not stifle creativity and innovation in business. It’s important to strike the right balance. We believe the balance that’s about right is one third ‘good science’, and Two Thirds Sky.


Finally, the majority of forces that drive people's behaviour live in the subconscious mind - their perceptions, 'high-level needs',  and beliefs - rather than the conscious or rational mind.  That means that businesses that learn to rethink their enterprise 'from the sky down' will more easily find higher ground as they search for growth. 



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